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Our experience in the Malting Industry comes from a long working relationship with several clients and customers. We can offer full scale support to any malt company from service, upgrade/retrofit to new malting facilities.

RWF designs, manufactures, and constructs complete malting plants and installs malting equipment systems. By utilizing standard solutions and special construction methods, we can provide optimal malting and production techniques according to specific customer requirements.


RWF has experience in the following areas:

  • Tower Malting
  • Steeping systems
  • Rectangular & Circular
  • Germination units
  • Germination kilning vessels
  • Kilns
  • Compact – Maltings
  • Accessories
  • Roasting Drums

The History behind RWF Consulting For Malting

RWF created 2012 from Reiner Weigel.

Reiner started in the Malting industry in 1985 working with Hauner Maschinenbau in Diespeck Germany, at the time world leader in Malt plant design and Supply. As a supervisor for the Installation, during this time he worked in Germany and the UK in multiply malt plants with different tasks and problem solving issues.

Working there till 1998 where I decided to create my own company to serve the malting industry. During this time I still worked with Hauner and other Malt plant suppliers working in Europe and all over the world. In 2002 I moved to Canada and start working here with Daycon after their Bankruptcy in 2004, I started with FWS Group of Companies where I started their own Malting Division and build it up to a very successful identity inside the group. In 2012 I decided again to create RWF Consulting for Malting to serve the industry in a more flexible way as we could with a big company behind us since our start in April 2012 we secured a contract with a design Engineer from Germany to support our efforts Rauscher Engineering and we worked successful on several project since. Also we have a fabrication company as a steady supplier of our designed product what guaranties the high quality off our product what is necessary in the malting Industry.

Our Team

  • Reiner Weigel – Design and Project Manager
  • Florian Rauscher, P. Eng. – Design Engineer
  • Guenther Dietrich – Manufacturing Europe
  • Fusion Industries – Manufacturing North America