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the 2nd step to our process

Germination systems are offered by RWF either in the traditional rectangular box form or as a circular vessel. In both cases the germination vessel (GV) can be designed to include the kilning process to give a combined germination-kilning vessel (GKV).

Rectangular Germination Boxes

A single turner can be designed for a multiple box system; this design can also be modified to allow the turner to unload the box. This can be equipped with automatic controls for loading and discharge.

Circular Germination Vessels

Built in stainless steel to offer greater flexibility in batch size, the floor may be fixed or rotating, in which case the turner is stationary. The total germination period including the temperature control and conditioning of air to the grain, the required number of turns and any addition of water to the growing barley can all be programmed and monitored from a central control system. The cleaning between each batch can be fully automated. Circular germination vessels can be built side by side or stacked to form a tower of either steel or concrete construction.